For over 30 Years, Pennsylvania Soil & Rock, Inc. has provided:

  • site specific geotechnical engineering
  • wetland review, delineation and permitting
  • construction monitoring and testing
  • civil site design related services

We serve clients, throughout Pennsylvnia, Ohio, and West Virginia, in the following fields:

  • commercial development
  • residential development
  • construction
  • local & state government
  • medical/assisted living industrial
  • insurance and legal

PS&R’s professional staff includes professional engineers, professional geologists, engineers in training, environmental scientists/wetland specialists, and professional land surveyor. Technical staff includes field technicians, CADD operators, and a soil/concrete laboratory managers and specialists. With over 100 years of combined professional work experience, strong academic backgrounds, and applicable certifications, our engineers, geologists and field technicians provide our clients with practical engineering, testing and consulting solutions for even the most demanding projects. PS&R understands our client’s specific needs and works closely with their designers and contractors.

Geotechnical Investigations

Our geotechnical staff consists of five professional engineers licensed in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia; three hold a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Their specialties include foundations and site improvement. Our three professional geologists are licensed in Pennsylvania. Staff includes engineers-in-training and geologists-in-training.

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Surveying Services

PSR's surveying professionals provide consistent, accurate and timely services to commercial and residential clients. Staff includes licensed professional surveyors.

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Construction Monitoring

PS&R’s team of trained, experienced field technicians take a “hands-on,” proactive approach to providing construction monitoring and material testing services. Field technicians have degrees in engineering, geology or related fields, and hold Troxler nuclear densometer, ACI, NECEPT and NICET certifications. Staff includes an AWS certified welding inspector.

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Soil & Materials Laboratory Services

&R has developed an in-house soils and construction materials testing laboratory, supervised by a registered engineer. Experienced soil technicians conduct soil, concrete and composite laboratory tests. The laboratory has both CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory) and AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory) certification.

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Civil/Site Design

PS&R’s site design team includes experienced civil engineers, surveyors, geologists and environmental specialists. The team conducts a preliminary geotechnical review/exploration, including evaluation of potential stormwater sites, and wetland and stream delineations. These activities are performed before or concurrently with the development of the conceptual site design.

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Enviromental Services

PSR environmental specialists have over 30 years of wetland and stream delineation, permitting, and mitigation experience. Their experience and regulatory knowledge provide practical grounding that optimizes the permitting and mitigation process. PS&R’s experienced botanical staff conduct surveys for federally- and state-listed plant species, and are approved by the USFWS to conduct surveys in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

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Featured Public Outreach Project

PS&R rendered the necessary services to construct the new Pivik Elementary School for the Plum Borough School District. Once the project was successfully completed, PS&R volunteered time and materials to construct a new playground for the students.